Why we broke the doll costume

It is the holidays.

Christmas, the birth of Christmas, and, of course, the return of the broken doll.

The dolls that have been lost in the snow for so long are suddenly back.

We are going to need all the help we can get.

We have been told that a big doll has been lost.

The next big doll will be found.

Theres a doll here.

There are many stories about lost dolls.

I know this because I lost one.

I had a doll with me for a very long time.

A girl who lived in New York City who loved to sew.

A very big doll with a long and long history of lost dolls and broken dolls.

This doll is the biggest and baddest.

Its very tall, very big, and very white.

Its a broken doll, and it will break you if you touch it.

Its been missing for a long time, and its time to find it.

But I cant find the girl who loved sewing.

Its time to search for the missing doll.

Its going to be a huge hunt.

We will find the missing girl, but who is the girl that loves sewing?

Its going have to be the girl with the broken arm.

The girl that loved to dress up in dresses and make things out of the stuff people throw away.

I have to go find the lost doll and put it back together.

I want to do that.

I need the help of the community.

We all have a duty to look after the lost and broken.

Its hard work, but its a duty.

The community needs help.

So do I. I am going to look for this girl.

Its not my job to find the person that loves her, it is my job.

The only person that can help me is you.

It will be very difficult, but I need your help.

We need to find her.

We know the girl, she lives in a place called New York.

Its one of the best cities in the world for missing people.

Its called a big city, and many people have been missing there.

Its close to the subway system, and the subway is open every day.

I live in New Jersey.

Its the big city.

Its on the east coast.

Its where the subway stops.

I go to New York, and I see the girl.

I see that the girl loves to dress like a doll.

She has red hair and green eyes.

She is dressed up as a doll for Halloween.

The doll that I am looking for is very tall.

Its about six feet, two inches tall, and has a long, dark red coat.

Its got a red collar.

Its made of blue fabric, with an orange band on the back.

Its broken.

The missing doll is gone.

Its gone.

The world will be sad, but it is the world that needs to take care of this doll.

We can find the broken girl, we can find her in the New York subway system.

Its easy to see.

Its right by the subway.

Its just a few blocks away from the house.

We cant find it, but we can look for her.

The train stops and I step out onto the platform.

I take off my shoes and put on a dress.

Its my dress.

I put it on.

The whole thing is pretty simple.

I just have to put on my red dress and put a hat on.

I walk down the platform and get on.

There is no one there, but the station is deserted.

Its nice to be out.

Its warm, its dark, and there is a girl in the train.

I look at the girl as she is walking by.

I dont see her face.

I can see her eyes.

I say, “Hello, my name is Elsa.”

She says, “My name is Anna.”

She goes over to me.

She gives me a hug and says, I dont know what to say.

I wasnt expecting that.

Its like a dream.

I feel like I can breathe.

She says “I have a dream about you.”

I say “No, its just a dream.”

I am in a dream and Im in this strange place.

The woman tells me she saw the girl’s face.

The man tells me that its just the girl saying, “I dont know if its real or not, but you know me.”

He says, She is a very bright girl.

She does good things for people.

She loves people and has lots of friends.

I tell the man that Im going to find Anna.

We go to a big building.

Its an abandoned building.

The girls room has been left open.

It has no furniture.

It is a huge room with a very tall window.

The windows are broken.

Anna says, You are supposed to be here in the dream.

But you dont know how youre supposed to get here.

The people who have been searching for her are here, they are the people who know her best. They say