Which is the best sex toy to break your broken heart?

Broken hearts are the most common cause of death among young people, with one in four of them ending in death, according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).RTE’s Breaking the Chains podcast will explore the science behind broken hearts and their effects on life and wellbeing.RTE host Dan O’Connor said the research on broken hearts was “quite extensive”.

“In terms of how the brain reacts to a broken heart, it’s been pretty impressive, actually.”

They’re so much like the heart of a young person who has a broken leg, they can’t breathe normally, they’re quite a different animal,” he said.”

The way the brain thinks, the way the body responds to it, is quite different, and there’s a lot of evidence for it.

“The researchers also found that people with broken hearts had a higher risk of mental health problems.”

You know, people who’ve had broken hearts, are more likely to have depression, anxiety, substance abuse, substance use disorders,” Dr O’Brien said.

The research also found broken hearts were more likely in men than women.”

We know that women are more affected by a broken femur than men,” Dr Smedley said.”[But] it’s not that men have a better risk of getting a broken arm or broken hip or broken leg than women.