When you need to know about a broken arm in the U.S.

Broken arm or leg?

You’re not alone.

You may have a family member with a broken limb or a loved one with a busted ankle.

The broken arm or limb is often considered a public health emergency.

It is especially concerning when it occurs after surgery.

Broken arm or injury can cause a number of complications, including:A broken arm can be life-threateningIf you or a familymember are injured by a broken leg, arm or armament, you may be at increased risk of developing complications from an infection.

If you have a broken elbow, the infection can lead to chronic inflammation of the joint, which can lead the doctor to prescribe antibiotics to combat infection.

If you are the victim of a broken bone, the damage may be more extensive, and complications may include:Bleeding from the injury.

Bleeding from a broken tooth or other tissue.

Painful swelling and redness.

The most common complication of broken limbs or legaments is infection.

Broken bones can also cause an infection, as long as the infection is treated.

The CDC recommends that you seek immediate medical care if you or someone you know is injured.

It also recommends that if you have or suspect a serious infection, you seek urgent medical care.