When you break a toe, you can now save money on a shoe loan

Broken toes are a common occurrence for most people.

But, you don’t need to have a broken toe to apply for a shoe-loan loan, thanks to a new app that can help you get a decent price on a pair of shoes.


 Apply online:  You can apply for any loan on your credit report if you’re under 35, and can only use your credit card.


Apply via:  The app uses your credit score to match you with a loan, and then you can use your phone to confirm your identity and then pay the loan with a debit card or a credit card, as well as an ATM card.


Use the app to: This app can be used to pay off your mortgage, a car loan, rent a room, or rent a house.


Check the price of your shoe loan: The app will automatically check the price for each pair of boots, and give you the lowest available price.


Pay off the loan using the app: Once you’ve confirmed the identity of the person you’re paying off the money for, you’ll receive an email with the details of the shoe loan.


Go to the loan:If you’ve already made a loan on a similar shoe to your own, you won’t have to do anything further.


Get more details:You can also check out the loan details in the app by selecting “Find details”.


See the total price you can get on your shoe-sale: After confirming your identity, the app will show you a breakdown of the total amount you’ll be getting.


Find out how much you can borrow online:There’s a small popup when you click the app icon on the left side of the screen, and you can see a breakdown by category and loan type.


If you’re still having issues, visit our advice section and we’ll help you.