What you need to know about the broken sternum

A broken sternal ligament has made life difficult for the owner of a Dublin restaurant.

The owners of a burger restaurant have been told they cannot open their business after they were hit by a broken bow on Tuesday.

The owner of Belly Burger, Mark Kelly, said he had been waiting for months to get his bow repaired.

The injured patron had been eating at the establishment when he was hit with a bolt.

He said the incident was the third time in two years the business had been hit by an arrow.

He added: “I can’t believe it.

I had my bow fixed, I had it fitted in.

I thought I was done with the business.”

Mr Kelly said he was left with a swollen and bruised back and a “very sore” neck.

He now plans to take time off work to allow for the repair.

He also said the business was still in the process of receiving compensation from the Irish Fish and Game Authority for its injuries.

He urged people to be vigilant.

“It’s really important to be alert.

Look out for anything that might be falling on the floor or anything that could fall on the ground.

If you see something that might fall on your property, don’t move it,” he said.

Mr Kelly is hoping his business can reopen in a couple of weeks.

The arrow broke the back of his right shoulder, a fractured sternum and a broken bone in his neck.

The Arrow Bow Society, which helps injured people with their bow repair, has launched a campaign to raise money for the business.

It has set up a website and is asking people to donate £25 or more.

It also has set a crowdfunding goal of £150,000 to help the business reopen.

The society has set its target for the next few weeks to raise enough money to reopen the business with the help of the Arrow Bow Foundation.