The poem of heartbroken poems that broke hearts

Two broken girls were found in their own words and their heartbreak is on the line as they share their heartbreaking poetry.

The girls, Kaila and Kayla Kale, are from the town of Hockley in Queensland.

They both have two broken legs, one broken arm and a broken hip.

The poet, Kayla, says: “I just want to thank the Lord that I’m alive and I’m here.

The pain and the pain of not being able to be here is a constant reminder that we are all here.

Read moreHeartbroken poems have been shared online, in person and on social media.”

We have the best time in the world, and that is to be with you.”

Read moreHeartbroken poems have been shared online, in person and on social media.

The pair were last seen in the Hockney area on December 31 and their family has contacted police.

Kayla’s father, Tom Kale said his daughter was “just devastated”.

“She was so worried, and then her mum called me and told me that she had left her phone behind,” he said.

“She’s just devastated.

It was just the most heartbreaking thing.”

Kayla said she and her sisters, Liza and Kayleigh, had no idea what was going on.

“I just didn’t think anything of it, I just didn’ realise that they were missing,” she said.

“When I got home it was just like, ‘Oh my God, they’re gone’.”

The girls are from an affluent family and are described as “very quiet, very quiet”.

Mr Kale told ABC Radio Brisbane Kayla was a keen swimmer, a dancer and had “a fantastic life”.

“They’re two beautiful girls that have the talent and the personality, they just haven’t had the right person in their lives,” he added.

“They don’t have any family that they can call and say ‘We love you, we love you’.”

I guess they just need to just be in love, but the Lord knows how to find the right people.

“We just hope they find some comfort in the fact that they’re safe and the love that they have.”

The Kale sisters have written a poem for the pair to share with their loved ones, who can read the full poem in the Kale family home on Friday.

The two girls have been missing since December 31.