Polygon: The new trailer for the Xbox One version of Dishonored 2 was pretty good, but it doesn’t really look like a game

Broken yellow centerlines and black borders in this new trailer from Dishonore 2.

While it’s hard to see much detail, the trailer gives a glimpse of the game’s new visuals, and it’s not the best of the new game’s visual fidelity.

That said, Dishonores 2 looks like it will be better than the previous game, and I’d expect it to look a lot better than its predecessor.

The Xbox One and PC versions of Dishons 2 have been patched, which fixes a number of bugs.

That’s good news for fans of the original Dishonors, but I’m still waiting on a patch for Dishonoria 2, which is due out next year.

While the PC version of the first game is set to launch on September 22, Dishons sequel is set for October 10.