Israeli authorities demand that Turkish banks withdraw over $100m in US aid

Israel’s Interior Ministry said on Monday it had ordered banks in the United States to withdraw over US$100 million in Turkish aid, saying it was not legitimate.

“The Israeli authorities are now demanding that Turkey withdraw the money, saying that it is not legitimate,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said it was asking the U.S. and Turkey’s central banks to stop issuing Turkish banknotes.

It did not say whether the Turkish central bank had requested the money.

Earlier in the day, Turkey’s finance ministry said a “barrage of financial threats” was being launched by US President Donald Trump’s administration to force Turkey to pay back $1.3 billion in U.A.E. aid, as part of a crackdown on alleged financial mismanagement.

It said the threats would be addressed.

Turkey, a key transit point for migrants and refugees crossing the Aegean Sea to Europe, has been accused by Washington of not taking enough steps to curb the influx of people from Syria, where more than 10,000 have drowned in the Mediterranean.

Turkish authorities have accused the United Arab Emirates, the EU and the United Nations of failing to enforce a United Nations Security Council resolution on a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Turkey’s northwestern province of Diyarbakir.

They also have accused Saudi Arabia of financing and supporting a “terrorist group” that has taken responsibility for the disaster.