How we found the ‘broken ankle’ xray video

Posted October 24, 2018 12:38:50The Australian Financial Report has published a video that is said to show how the “broken ankle” xray camera broke and was then used to find the man who was allegedly killed in a robbery in the Sydney CBD.

Key points:The CCTV captured footage of the man’s arrest and subsequent arrestThe man was wearing a blue T-shirt and jeansPolice say they were able to identify the victim from CCTV footage of an earlier robberyIn the video, which is in the process of being removed from the report, police describe the suspect as an Asian man in his 20s, who was wearing blue Ties and jeans.

The footage was taken by a CCTV camera mounted in the front of the Sydney building and later turned over to police.

It shows the man being arrested by police, with police taking him to a waiting car.

They say it was the first time they had used the footage, and they believe the man is the victim of a crime.

“At no point in the footage did we see any weapon, any drugs or anything of that nature,” a police spokesperson said.

“The CCTV was removed from a car, and it was removed at that time.”

However, it is not uncommon for officers to use the CCTV to obtain information in their investigation and that is the case here.

“Police said the man was arrested by officers in the morning hours of October 24 after an earlier “robbery” in the CBD.

The video was taken at the moment when the man allegedly fled the scene of the earlier robbery.

The police spokesperson told the ABC the man appeared to be “uncooperative” with officers, and was “shouting profanities”.”

He is an Asian male and he is wearing a white T-Shirt and jeans,” he said.

He said it was not known whether the man had been in possession of any weapons.

Police said they were not yet able to determine the motive behind the man not complying with officers.

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