How Trump won the broken trust interview

Broken trust has been the theme of President Donald Trump’s first week in office, with a slew of leaks and revelations from inside the administration and across the media.

But now, with the president’s first White House staff meeting being held at the White House on Tuesday, The Hill has a look at some of the key quotes that the president has been making that he has made in the last few weeks, and why they are broken.

The Washington Post’s Glenn Thrush, a veteran reporter who covered the Obama administration, and the Associated Press’s Mark Berman, a former White House correspondent, will moderate the event.

The Hill also has a complete list of all the participants, and will be posting transcripts of the event on Twitter.

The Hill’s list of participants:1.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, White House Correspondents’ Association 2.

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary 3.

Michael Short, White Houses Director of Communications 4.

John Kelly, Chief of Mission for the Department of Homeland Security 5.

KellyAnne Patterson, Senior White House Advisor for Strategic Communications 6.

Sean Gaffney, Deputy Press Secretary for Strategic Initiatives 7.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White HOUSE Director of Press Operations 8.

Josh Earnest, White Senate Press Secretary 9.

Brian Walsh, Whitehouse Director of Public Liaison 10.

Josh Schwerin, Deputy Chief of Operations for the National Security Council 11.

David Petraeus, Chief Information Officer for the U.S. Department of Defense 12.

Sean McCormack, WhiteHouse Chief of Personnel 13.

Matt Drudge, Fox News Channel 14.

Sean Sullivan, White house deputy press secretary 15.

David Bossie, WhiteSenate Press Secretary 16.

Matt McKenna, White White House Press Secretary17.

Eric Schultz, Deputy White House Counsel 18.

David Axelrod, WhiteNational Security Council Communications Director19.

Josh Fox, National Security Adviser20.

Kellyanne Conway, White National Security Advisor21.

David Plouffe, WhiteVice President Mike Pence, WhitePress Secretary22.

Jim Messina, WhiteNewsweek.com23.

Karen Tumulty, White Department of Justice24.

Jim Mattis, U. S. Secretary of Defense25.

Joe Lockhart, WhitePencePress Secretary26.

Mike Pence and Karen Pence, Pence and Trump27.

Mike Pompeo, U of S Secretary of State28.

Jeff Sessions, U “deputy attorney general”29.

John Bolton, U State Department30.

Kellie McGhee, U S. State Department31.

Tom Price, U Secretary of Health and Human Services32.

Nikki Haley, U White House Communications Director33.

Joe Biden, U Vice President and U Secretary the National Labor Relations Board34.

Mike Kratsioski, U Labor Department35.

Andrew McCabe, FBI director36.

Rick Dearborn, U FBI Director37.

Eric Holder, U Justice Department38.

Tom Perez, DNC Chair39.

Eric Swalwell, U Homeland Security Secretary40.

Josh Shapiro, U Treasury Secretary41.

Michael McCaul, U Agriculture Secretary42.

James Comey, U Director of the FBI