How to watch NFL football on the big screen without breaking your neck

The NFL is going to televise the games with only the players who are actually injured, and there’s no way around that.

But it’s not the only option.

The NFLPA is urging players and fans to look beyond the game, to watch games from their home computers.

Here are some of the best free games available.


NFL Network is the only place you can watch NFL games with the same comfort.

The streaming service will stream all games on NFL Network starting in September, and it will include live streams from the field as well as highlights, replays, and clips from the games.


NFL Mobile lets you stream games from your smartphone.

The app lets you watch live streams, and you can stream games at any time, but it will also automatically record the game for later viewing.


Watch live games from the comfort of your couch with The Official NFL GameCam app.

The GameCam is a $5.99 app that lets you view live broadcasts, replicates, highlights, and more.


Watch the NFL on a tablet or smartphone.

If you can’t find a tablet that can stream NFL games, try these apps that can.


Watch NFL football games from a computer.

Here’s how to stream games on a PC or Mac using an emulator, but the best option for the most part is using the app that came with your tablet or phone.


Watch games on the go.

The easiest way to watch a game online is to stream from your computer, but you can also watch the game on your smartphone or tablet for offline viewing.


Watch free NFL games on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

If there are no apps to stream, you can always stream from Google Play or Apple TV. 8.

Watch every game on YouTube.

YouTube has an app that you can use to watch live games, but there are also a number of free apps to watch free games.

The best app to watch the NFL is YouTube Red.


Watch more NFL games online.

If your internet provider does not allow you to stream the games, there are some options to watch online via Hulu Plus.


Watch a live NFL game on the NFL app.

You can also stream from the NFL’s app.


Get a free ticket for a game you’ve already watched.

If the game you want to watch is not available online, you’ll get a free trip to the game via the App Store or on the app.


Get your hands on a limited edition ticket to watch all 21 games of the NFL regular season.

This is one of the most valuable ticket opportunities to buy.


Watch any of the game highlights from the 2018 Pro Bowl.

You won’t be able to watch these games live, but we can share highlights of the games that we’ve seen.


Watch all the NFL games at once.

You’ll get the best NFL experience with our app.


Watch game highlights, live streams and more from the 2017 Super Bowl on our app or watch on your computer.


Get tickets for any NFL game you might not normally be able get a ticket for.

The 2017 Pro Bowl is the largest of the season’s events, and tickets are still available for a limited number of games.


Watch at home with the NFL Premium App.

The Premium App will allow you watch any of NFL games live from your mobile device or tablet, and we’ll even stream the game with a high-quality sound.


Watch online from your Roku or AppleTV.


Watch your favorite NFL games over the air.

The Super Bowl, the NFL Championship, the NFC Championship, and other games will all be available on our apps.


Watch on mobile devices with Google Cast.

We are excited to bring our live NFL coverage to Google Cast devices, and if you are a fan of the app, you will want to try it out.


Get access to the latest NFL highlights on

The latest highlights from all the major games will be available in the NFL Playoffs section, and even the 2017 Pro Bowler and All-Pro Game highlights.


Get in the know with our NFL podcast.

Listen to all the latest news from around the league and get the scoop on all the biggest moments from each game.


Get free access to, which will provide all the highlights from every game for free.


Watch from your couch or smartphone with the official NFL app, or on Google TV. 25.

Watch some of your favorite games on social media.

The Official ESPN app is the best way to access all the games live on social, but other apps will work too.


Watch replays of games on Facebook.


Watch in the comfort and privacy of your own home with this free app.


Watch with a friend on the couch.


Watch and download your