How to make a mirror that’s broken

Heartbroken poetry can be a difficult thing to break, especially when you’ve already been told it’s a sign of love and happiness.

Now we know that a mirror is a beautiful thing, too.

But it’s only one of many broken mirrors out there.

Here are nine others.1.

Mirror shattered glass1.

A broken mirror that looks like it could be a beautiful piece of glass.

This mirror broke because it was damaged by a broken glass.

That is a real possibility.2.

Mirror smashed glassA broken mirror looks like glass.

The glass shards and scratches could be signs of love.3.

Mirror broken glassA mirror looks broken and shattered.

A mirror that broke and shattered could be from a broken mirror or broken glass that was damaged when it was hit by a car.4.

Mirror cracked glassA glass shattered on the glass of a mirror.

That’s a real sign of heartbreak and love.5.

Mirror in a cup of coffeeA glass is broken and stained by coffee.

That could be the glass that’s been cracked on a mirror, but not from drinking coffee.6.

Mirror on the floorA broken glass on the ground is another sign of broken love.

A glass shattered by the rain is a sign that love has broken out.7.

Mirror with a heart on itA broken and cracked heart is a very strong sign of sorrow.8.

Mirror that doesn’t look rightA broken or shattered mirror looks weird.

That might be a sign you’re looking at a broken or cracked mirror.9.

Mirror at the mallA mirror at the shopping center is another indication that you’re in love.

It might also be a clue to the brokenness of a love affair.1 / 9