How to find a home for two broken girls

The girl is on the run from her abusive father and his gang, and she’s looking for a place to live with her younger siblings.

When she is approached by an older girl who is interested in the house, she is given the option of staying with her parents or moving into her own apartment.

“She said she didn’t want to be a housekeeper or maid, she just wanted to be on her own,” the source told TechCrunch.

The girl is in her late teens, and has a history of mental illness.

She has been in and out of mental institutions since the age of 13.

But now, the girl is hoping to move into her new home with her family.

A representative for the girl told Techcrunch the family is very excited to be moving into the house.

She said the house is not fancy or big, but has a nice view of the city.

In an interview with The New York Times, the family said they had hoped the girl would find a new home, but that it had taken time for her to find her.

We were just trying to make it work, she said.

As for whether she is a victim of domestic violence, the source said she is not.

It’s her choice, and her family is trying to get her out of it.

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