How to break doll makeup into pieces that are easier to wash and use

Posted October 04, 2019 12:22:58 Updated October 05, 2019 13:12:13 A broken doll face makeup brush will help you wash and dry makeup and clean your face and body, a new study suggests.

Dr Michael Stirling, who led the research, said there were currently no standards for cleaning a face mask.

He said while there was no evidence that breaking face makeup brushes into smaller pieces would be harmful, it could make cleaning and applying makeup easier.

“We wanted to know if we could get the same results with a more flexible tool that would be able to be used with more face tools,” he said.

The research involved more than 3,000 people using two types of face masks to wash, dry and moisturise.

They were split into two groups, with two groups of five people washing and one group applying the same face mask for 15 minutes.

Each group also applied a different facial mask to their face, which was then wiped clean with a cotton swab, followed by the same scrubbing and washing.

Participants were asked to take the first facial mask and wash it for 15 seconds.

Next, the researchers asked participants to apply a second facial mask for five seconds.

The second mask was then washed with a swab of cotton swabs and wiped clean.

Once that was done, participants were asked which mask they liked better and were then asked to compare the two masks.

If they were more likely to have used a broken face mask, they were asked again to repeat the test.

Results showed the participants were able to wash their face and clean their face more quickly, as well as wash their faces faster.

It is hoped that the results could lead to new face washing and moisturising tools that are more suitable for everyday use, and less likely to break, Dr Stirling said.

He said it was also hoped that face mask cleaning could be automated, with the help of a facial wipe and a brush.

“We’ve found that a lot of the time you want to do a lot more than just wash your face,” he explained.

However, he warned people with broken face masks would still need to wear a face wash for five minutes, to wash off the mess left on their face.