How to be a better writer on social media

Posted October 04, 2018 05:29:56 You can’t write great articles unless you are willing to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, writes Stephen Fry. 

A new report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation shows that social media has become the main outlet for Australians to share their writing, with an increasing number of people using the site to share short stories, poems, and essays.

“People are using it to share stories about themselves or share things that they are writing, and people are posting it,” Fry said.

“The stories are really great and there’s something for everyone.”

Fry has been using his Twitter account to share essays and poems about his work for the past three years.

He has been a regular critic of the Australian Taxation Office, who have been accused of a pattern of “political meddling” in the way that people pay their taxes.

Fry, who also writes for The Conversation, has also taken part in online debates about the merits of digital currencies.

He also uses the platform to express his opinions on the current state of Australian politics.

He says the “newspaper and radio industry” is “worried about the future of the digital economy”.

“I’ve written a few poems, which are good, and some of them are really nice, but they’re not as good as the things I write,” he said.

Fried says he feels like a “giant loser” in this new way of writing, where the people around him are constantly discussing his work.

“When you get in that bubble, you’re constantly getting comments from your followers, and you’re not getting that feedback, so you end up getting it,” he told

But Fry says the world around him is changing, and he hopes his “newfound optimism” can inspire other Australians to use their platforms to share better writing.

The ABC reports that the number of Australians who are using social media to share writing has risen by 20 per cent in the past year.

Many people use the platform for political reasons, as the ABC says, as well as the entertainment industry.

More than 40 per cent of Australians use the site on a daily basis, and more than half use it regularly.

It’s a trend that is becoming more and more popular, with people using social platforms to engage with each other, with social media becoming the “primary form of communication”, according to the report.

This trend is driven by the rise of the Internet as a social network, and the rise in popularity of digital payments, which has also led to the use of the platform by people who use their phones to pay for goods and services.

According to the ABC, people are increasingly finding it “harder and harder” to communicate with one another online, as people increasingly feel they must do so from a distance.