How broken arrow broke a woman’s leg and shattered her beautiful leg

Posted January 13, 2019 07:16:00 In what many are calling a “break” in a beautiful woman’s broken leg, a broken arrow went through her left leg and broke her beautiful one.

The victim, named as Katerina, told CNN affiliate WIS that she was standing on the street when she heard a noise behind her.

She said she then saw a man walking toward her, yelling for help.

She told the news channel she then noticed a man running behind her and tried to run after him.

When she saw the man, she said, he jumped on top of her and held her against his body.

She ran, and then she noticed a second man chasing her, and she ran after him too.

She said she jumped up and down as the man tried to break her leg.

The man who was chasing her also hit her on the back of her head with an iron bar, she told WIS.

She went to the hospital, but the injured leg was in a lot worse condition than her broken one.

Katerine says she wants people to know that a broken leg is not worth the risk it takes to defend oneself.

She also wants to point out that she did not go to a fight with the man who tried to hit her.

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Follow the Arizona Wildfire investigation:The Arizona Republic, a state newspaper, reported that the victim’s family is not blaming the man in the video for his actions.

They have instead pointed out that the woman had just turned 25, which is when the arrow went into her leg and fractured it.

Katers attorney, Steven M. Kowalczyk, told The Republic that his client, a high school senior, told the man to leave the scene.

The woman said she would be okay in a few days.

KOWALCKY, Katerines attorney, told that she had not had any surgery since the accident.

The woman has been released from the hospital and is expected to be okay.

The arrow was made by a company called Arrow Arrow Ammunition, and the arrow was sold in a Walmart store, according to WIS, which reported that Katerin’s family believes the store was a gift shop for the customer who made the arrow.WIS said that Kowalyk was a good Samaritan and has been arrested.

Watch the WIS report here:WIS reports that the arrow came from a Walmart in the city of Maricopa County.