‘Heartbroken’ woman who died from broken knuckle says ‘it’s broken’

Broken knuckles, broken fingers and other injuries were found in a home in the small town of Ocala, Florida, on Tuesday, and authorities are investigating whether the woman died from a heart attack.

A woman was found dead in her Ocara home after her boyfriend left her in the bathtub with a broken knuckles and other wounds.

Sheriff Joe Dugan said deputies responded to a 911 call at 2:30 a.m.

Tuesday about the woman’s injuries, and found the woman unresponsive in the bathroom.

The man who called 911 told investigators that he had been in the tub when he saw the woman lying in the water, Dugan told reporters Wednesday.

He said the man noticed a bruise on the woman, and called 911, but the woman wasn’t breathing.

“She was in the toilet, she was breathing, she didn’t know what to do,” Dugan added.

He told reporters that he was not sure if the woman had been sexually assaulted, but he said the injuries were consistent with someone getting sexually assaulted.

The sheriff said the investigation is ongoing, but that it appeared the woman may have been assaulted while in the shower.

The Sheriff’s Office has not released a description of the man who was in charge of the woman.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said in a statement Wednesday that the Florida Department has opened a formal investigation.

Officials told the Associated Press the investigation could take up to two weeks.

“We have no indication of any crimes at this time,” the agency said in the statement.

“The department is working with the state to establish a timeline for an appropriate and timely criminal investigation.”

Dugan declined to comment on the nature of the injuries.

Ocaloosa County Sheriff’s Lt.

Mark Osterloh said the woman was in her 40s.

“This is not a random act of violence,” he said.

The woman had lived in the Ocatehome for more than a decade, and she had worked as a personal care assistant, according to a statement from the Oceana Community Foundation.

The foundation said it was assisting the woman with funeral arrangements.

Oceaneering company owner, Bill Dyer, posted a picture of his wife, Heather, on his Instagram account Wednesday, writing, “The truth hurts, and I love her so much.”

The woman’s boyfriend, Joshua Burch, told ABC News the couple were in the middle of an argument when they heard a loud thud and saw a man standing on the porch.

The boyfriend and the woman started to argue and he left, Burch said.

Burch described the suspect as a “white male” who was wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.

He was carrying a black bag.

He and the other woman ran to the bathroom, and Burch went to call 911.

“I called 911.

I called 911 to get someone,” Burch told ABC affiliate WPLG.

“But it’s been a long time.”

Burch and the women said they believed the suspect was using the phone to call for help.

“He had an air gun,” Burt said.

“And he’s just shooting into the air.

It was like an electric shock.

And I thought it was going to hit my wife.”

The Ocatello Sheriff’s Department is assisting the Ocoee County Sheriff in the investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.