Breaking News: Business broker breaks window, breaks elbow in office

BREAKING NEWS: Business Broker breaks window in his office, breaks her elbow in her office article The Business Brokers of the world are back at it again, this time in the form of broken window.

The break happened at a new office complex on the edge of the Grand Central Station in New York City.

It all started with a car accident, but this time, a glass broke.

Broken windows can be a problem when it comes to offices.

And in this case, it was a glass that broke.

The glass was broken at the new office development at the Grand Corner Station in Manhattan.

We don’t know how many offices have broken windows this year, but it is a large one.

The glass was originally installed in March, and the developers were hoping it would serve as a buffer for the city’s subway system.

But when the developers heard that the glass broke in the office building, they decided to tear down the structure and replace it with a new glass structure that would be more durable.

It was supposed to be temporary, and it was going to be replaced when the project was done.

But the building was not finished yet.

As a result, the glass in the new building broke.

And when the glass fell, the break was worse than a glass break.

The windows that were broken in the building were on the ground floor, according to the owners of the building.

We didn’t know that it would break so much because the building is completely empty.

So we didn’t think about it.

Then, the developer was notified that the building could be torn down, but he decided to move the building up because it was safer than taking the glass down, the owners said.

This is when a break occurred.

The developer then had to decide what to do.

We just had to move out, and he said to us, “I’m going to tear it down and build a new one.

We’re going to take the glass out.”

We are not sure how many glass breaks this year have occurred in the Grand Metropolitan development, and we know that this one broke.

But it wasn’t a break for the first time.

And the owners were worried.

So, we said to him, “We can do it.

We have an office there, we have a glass structure, and this glass will break.”

So, the owner of the new glass building decided to take down the old glass structure and start from scratch.

So it’s a big break, but the glass was not shattered.

It shattered, but we’re not sure exactly how much.

It might have been broken by the driver of the car that was involved in the accident.

It’s possible that the driver didn’t notice the broken glass and then crashed into the glass, and that broke the glass.

But it’s not clear how much damage it did.

The owners said that they are trying to get a second building built that will take the broken windows out of the complex, and they are also trying to find a way to prevent other buildings from being built in the area.

We asked if they would like to move their office out of Grand Central.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.